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Who Are We?

The Pittsburgh Regional Food Service Directors (PRFSD) is a non-profit organization that exists with the goal of giving school districts the opportunity to have their foodservice operation self-operated allowing you as the district to have more control over your foodservice program and keeping the for-profit management companies that have the primary goal of making a profit out of your districts.

What Sets Us Apart?

Membership gives you access to extensive competitive food pricing while giving school districts the freedom to run independently operated child nutrition programs that best suit the unique needs of their students and customers.  Districts have the support of a broad network of local child nutrition professionals whose experience and knowledge are unmatched in the industry.  

Why Choose Us?

Why not choose yourself?  As a district, you can choose to operate your food service independently.  All of the decisions will be your own, without the additional price tag of a management fee from an outside entity.  It all begins with hiring a qualified director of food service.  As an independent operator, your food service director has access to an organization like PRFSD, which can offer you the same(or better) purchasing power of a management company.  PRFSD has a team of dedicated, educated professionals who put in the work to seek the best vendors and purchasing power that is second to none.  PRFSD also continues to assist their directors with educational opportunities to nurture professional development with scholarship opportunities creating an additional savings to the district.